Advancing equity & inclusion in introductory STEM courses

The SEISMIC project aims to advance equity and inclusion in foundational STEM courses. Our model for change is grounded in recent research exploring the reasons for the relatively slow adoption of evidence-based approaches to STEM education.

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Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Dennis Groth discusses IU Bloomington's role in the SEISMIC project.
Photo of Vice Provost Dennis Groth

We are excited to engage SEISMIC partners across the country that share our deep interest in improving student outcomes in STEM courses.

Dennis Groth - Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education; IU's SEISMIC Principal Investigator

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IU Bloomington faculty are encouraged to attend SEISMIC events including workshops and talks by visiting faculty from other member institutions. To receive updates about the project and how to be involved, join the notification list.

SEISMIC events at IU Bloomington

5/8/2019Research about inclusive STEM teaching: SEISMIC planning meetingEvent
4/3/2019Exploring SEISMIC on Your CampusEvent / Presentation
4/3/2019SEISMIC: The Sloan Equity and Inclusion in STEM Introductory Courses ProjectEvent


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