Town Hall

Town hall: Integrating the arts and humanities with STEMM in higher education

Higher education should strive to offer all students—regardless of degree or area of concentration—an education that exposes them to diverse forms of human knowledge and inquiry and that impresses upon them the fact that
all disciplines are “branches of the same tree.” Such an education should empower students to understand the fundamental connections among the diverse branches of human inquiry—the arts, humanities, sciences, social
sciences, mathematics, engineering, technology, and medicine.

Given that today’s challenges and opportunities are at once technical and human, addressing them calls for the full range of human knowledge and creativity.

From the report "The Integration of the Humanities and Arts with Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in Higher Education"


Tom Nelson Laird
9:00 am
Presentation: Branches from the Same Tree Report
Irene Ngun & Tom Nelson Laird
9:15 am
Presentation: Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities
Gabriel Harp
10:00 am
Break10:30 am
Panel Presentations and Q&A
Tassie Gniady, Kalani Craig, Marty Siegel, & Marleen Newman
10:45 am
Lunch12:00 pm
Demo Sessions
Gustuve Weltsek, Anne Prieto, Thomas (Kelly) Wilson, Medina Sydykanova
12:30 pm
Adjourn2:00 pm

Panel members

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