Competitive Awards

Competitive Awards include all awards funded by agencies outside Indiana University that generally involve competing with students from campuses nationwide. An extensive list of awards is available as well as general advice with a slide presentation and an FAQ. In the Competitive Awards section, you will also find a list of awards that are administered by IU offices and many of those awards require institutional nomination or review. All of the awards administered by IU have designated campus representatives and their names and contact info are provided. Be sure to contact the representative of the award if you are interested in applying.

Paul Fogleman is an Associate Director in OVPUE. He is the primary contact for Competitive Awards at IU Bloomington and campus representative for a number of the awards administered at IU. He can be reached directly at or 812-855-3948. His office is in the Honors College, Room 216B.

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Arielle Moss in Morocco in 2016 as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA)